Final Blog

December 17, 2009

I think the most difficult thing about the class was the first ARG.  I am not good with computers, and I was lost for the first few weeks.  I do not know how to use a lot of the comuter programs, and I thought i would learn how to use programs like excell and power point.  We used them in our projects, but I didn’t know how to use them in the first place.The blogs were the easiest assignments.  I enjoyed writing about various topics and not having a right or wrong  answer.
Group work is difficult.  It is especially difficult in an online class where we were forced to keep in contact using email.  I rarely have time to check my email or get on the conputer, so sometimes talking to my group was diffiuilt.
Definitely the most challenging aspect of working at a distance with my group was trying to email eachother and getting ahold of everyone within a timely manner.  I have such a hectic schedule, and I have time to check email earling in the morning, so if my group emailed me during the day, I wouldn’t be able to check it until the next morning.  I had missed a group meeting because of that.
My team was way more knowledgeable about computer technoloy, so it wasnt that big of a deal that I didn’t know much.  I improved my skills on Power Point and microsoft word since I did not know how to use very many programs.  However, I was wanting to learn how to do an excel spready sheet.I like poweroint the most because it is easy, and i like all the different things you can add to a presenrtation.  My least favoritye is excel because it is extrememly frustrating and i do not know how to use it

9. What do you feel you learned in this course about solving problems?
I re-learned how to think outside the box.. I have not had to do any critical thinking in a long time. so it was nice to be able to use my creativity.
10. What would you do differenly if you could take the course again?

If i could take the course again, I would do a better job of keeoping up with all the outside reading and assignments.  My schedule is so busy, and my other classes are imporant to my major, so i would get behind a little during th week.


week 15 blog

December 14, 2009

Write about whatever you want to this week related to the game design or the course and what you have learned.

I am extremely ready for the semester to be over.  I hope that my group does well on the game.  We have spent so much time on it, and i would be really disappointed.  I am still surprised at how much time and effort it took to create the game.  Our game is not very lengthy, so i cant imagine how much time it took so set up and keep up with the preventable disease game we played earlier in the semester.  I will definitely look at games in a diferent way now knowing the hard work and time put into it.

week 14 blog

December 14, 2009

I haven’t ever thought about school being a game before, but i could see how it could be.  You win the game when you accomplish a certain grade you were working for.  School is definitely competitive.  In a few years, i will be competing with my classmates for a job.  Yes, you can learn by playing.  Many times, it takes one making a mistake playing inorder to learn something.  Also, some games are educational.  For example, the game we just created also teaches you about environmental sustainability.

week 13 blog

December 14, 2009

 Well, no one ever play tested our game, so we didnt get any feedback from another group, but we did make some changes.  We realized  that the game was too difucult and complex so we took out a character and made the game more simnple.  It wasn’t hard to make the adjustment.  It also made it easier on us to keep up with the game.  It has been pretty dificult designing a game for other people.  We have edited our game a lot, and it still is no where near perfect.  Such a time consming task!

Week 12 Blog

December 1, 2009

I was surprised when we started creating our game.  It is soo much work! I did not think it would take so many steps to create an online game.  I am horrible with computers, so I am very greatful for my group!  They are so awesome, and I definitely would have been lost without them!  I am glad we played the game with the associates first.  The experience from the first game has really helped my group make our game.  We have used some of the same principles from the first game.   Our game is probably easier than the associates game. I’m not sure if that would be considered a strength or weakness! haha! It may seem easier to me because I already know what is going on, or because of my experience with the associates game.  I thought the associates game was difficult, but I am not an experienced gamer.  I think my group’s game may be at a more beginners level.  I definitely think our game is creative, and should be pretty easy to follow! Players are expected to learn how to used various computer applications.  Also, like the associates game, players will be expected to think outside the box.

Blog week 8

October 27, 2009

I really don’t play very many games especially not online games.  I grew up without cable and nitento games, so I haven’t ever spent very much time sitting playing a game.  I think the only online game I have played is solitaire, and I am even horrible at that!  Iknow a lot of people who play games like Halo, but I don’t like killing. With technology continuing to thrive, you can connect with people playing Halo even in another state, which I could see why so many people enjoy playing.  I also know a lot of people who like to play online poker.  I could understand wanting to play online to practice.

Week 4 Blog

October 2, 2009

The associates are still missing.  Now Walter is missing too!  Catherine has been updating the blog with more threatening information.  It appears that Cod4 is on facebook as well.  I added them as a friend,and they keep writing on their wall that their work is improving the world.  The associates were working on the preventable disease project, and Cod4 is clearly against any help towards poverty or illness.  I think cod4 is planning to either wipe out a certain area or let out a virus.  Cod4 was very threatened by the Havenwyrd’s preventable disease, that they needed to actually kidnapp the associates to prove their point.  Cod4 is clearly not messing around.  They posted a picture of a poster of a found cat.  It has a picture of a cat and under the picture it says, ““Cat found. Tasted like chicken. Would you like the collar back?” I’m really confused what the cat picture means. There is also another picture of the United States with “return to sender” stamped over the united states.  Also, Idaho is the only state colored red.  I also do not know what that picture means either.  I feel like there is still so much I haven’t discovered yet!!  The United Nations Millennium Development Goal is almost out of time and i’ve found links on Siri’s twitter.  There are websites to articles about vaccines for the swin flu and and HIV.   I do not think COD4 will let the associates go until he gets what he wants, and I do not think the preventable disease will stop doing research all together.  Cod4 is either looking for an epidemic or something extreme.  I think the picture of the cat was kind of a warning that they are not messing around,and they have no problem killing something as cute as a little cat.  I still have my suspicions about Catherine, and even Mr. Black about which side they are really on…

Week 3 Blog

September 16, 2009

I use Internet Explorer and Aol most often to access the internet.  I do not like to spend very much time on the computer, and now most of my time spent on the internet is school related; mostly for this class.  I have a facebook that I check every once in awhile to keep in touch with friends, but I really don’t have time to be on facebook several times throughout the day updating my status like many people I know.

I am really lost in this whole reality mystery game.  I’ve never been interested in video games or solving mysteries.  I am really confused about whats going on right now. I understand that the associates have been kidnapped, but I do not get these messgages we’re getting from the “CoD4.”  I have copied everything down into a word document, but that still hasn’t helped much.  I will be upset when  my I receive a bad grade for not being able to solve the mystery, that has nothing to do with school or my major and will ruin my 4.0.  I’ve talked to my group, and written in some of the discussions, but I feel like everyone is as lost as me.  I need to talk with someone who has a better idea on what’s going on.  I have been trying to figure out what the letters from Cod4 mean, but I really have no idea.  I don’t understand the half letters and half numbers…I’m guessing they mean something, but I will have to keep trying to figure it out!

Blog # 3

September 10, 2009

Jordan Pierson

Blog for this week (week2)

The role of computers in my life as a student has been very important.  Computers have made things easier for me as a student.  For example, I can take classes online instead of having to actually go to class.  Also, teachers can upload notes, the syllabus, grades, quizes, and anything else they want their students to have access to.  I like being able to print off the power point of notes before I go to class, so I can follow along and make my own notes while the teacher lectures.  However, computers have changed things for the worse.  I took an online art appreciation class online last year, and I did not learn anything.  Any test or quiz could be completed with the help of a friend, or the notes pulled up on a differnt screen on the computer. Also, I think having online classes is just lazy.  I admit that I enjoyed not having to go to class, but I also work out every day.  Society is becoming more and more lazy.  Soon the freshman 15 will be the freshman 30 because more and more classes are being offered online.  I would like to see more of the teachers using the online sources.  I still have teachers who pass out the syllabi.  Students can access the syllabus online, and save a lot of paper.  I don’t think classes should count as much online as they do in the class.  I don’t think students get the same amount of education through an online course than the class.   I can learn better with technology by learning how to use the different computer programs that will benefit my school work. Also, you can research just about anything online.  I do not enjoy being on the computer all the time, but I can learn from the many sources there are online now.

Blog #2 My Group

September 9, 2009

1. Jordan Pierson

2. Candice Bernd

Andrea Aguirre Alvarado

Joe Dillard

3. Candice’s favorite food is oriental.  Joe likes Mexican food.   Andrea likes peruvian food.
3. I am not very knowledgable about the diferent computer programs.  I only use Word regularly, and even the newer version of Word confuses me.  I would like to learn how to properly use programs like Excel and powerpoint.  I don’t spend very much time on the computer, and when I have assignments using those programs, it takes me forever. 

I have taken computer courses before, where I learned how to make websites and write code, but that was several years in high school.  I do not remember how to do any of that any more. This course will also get me used to checking my email on a regular basis.  Like i said before, I do not like to spend very much time on the computer, and I did not check my email for one day.  In just one day, I already  felt overwhelmed and way behind.